A cave in New Jersey; present day.

Cave Girl the Musical is a dark and hilarious show within a show. Gloria has left her life behind to live in a cave where there aren't enough exclamation points to show how fine she is. In order to escape depression and find true happiness, she attempts to write and disappear into a musical-- the show within the show. Here we meet Spelunzel, our hero, Laverne, the villain, and Vodka, the BFF. But as Gloria's reality seeps into the musical and the true villain is revealed, she is forced to face the one thing she has been trying to avoid: the truth.

This solo musical was written by McCarthy using improvisation in Broadway and screen legend Carole D'andrea's weekly performance class. Cave Girl the Musical explores the themes of addiction, depression, suicide ideation and all the ways in which we avoid life. With hilarious parody songs from Beauty & The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Billy Joel and Cyndi Lauper, Cave Girl the Musical is pure, laugh-out-loud, heartbreaking magic.

Cave Girl the Musical played to five sold out houses in the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and was invited to perform an encore.

Written and performed by Glennis McCarthy
Directed by Amber Petty

Poster design by Dustin Jones

WINNER: 2019 Hollywood Encore! Producers' Award

Nominated: The Conversation Creation Award

Honorable Mention: Aunt Lyla's Fave Fringe Flyer


-Carole D’andrea, Broadway and screen legend, star of West Side Story

“Glennis McCarthy has the ability to touch your heart one minute and make you laugh out loud the next. Cave Girl The Musical will have you riveted from the moment she bursts on the stage singing her heart out front and center."

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Photos by Wolfe Erikson