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Oatly Hotline - Bling!

Updated: Jan 7

Lick it up, Drake!

This year, leading up to Thanksgiving, I recorded with Oatly for their holiday Hotline. The specs read:

Female Life Coach type. 40s or 50s. Think Brene [sic] Brown. She's strong, articulate, assertive but not aggressive. Doesn't raise her voice. Uses a controlled firmness-instructional and warm, soothing.

I channeled my best Brené Brown, who I am a huge fan of, and booked the job.

Over the years, I've learned when to adhere to the specs and when to skim 'em and forget 'em. And it's not out of disrespect, but often I can get stuck in what "they" want, instead of what I can bring to the copy. It just so happens that I would have naturally done a Brené Brown vibe anyway, so it worked out in both our favors.

Happy turkey gobbling and I hope you survived your extended family.